Elements of the Midterm Exam for Musician's Process:

1. General & Work Habits: Self & Teacher Assessment (Monday October 22nd)
General Assessment Lab Work Habits

2. Project Status Self Reflection: Teacher Assessment (Monday October 22nd)
Project Midterm Status

3. Warm-Up: Peer Assessment Peer Groups (Tuesday October 23rd & Wednesday October 24th)
Warm Up Assessment Tool

4. Project Status Show & Tell: Teacher Assessment(Thursday October 25th)
5 Minute Practice for the Final: Project Assessment Sheet
  • What have you been doing?
  • How is it going?
  • How are you going to share your Final project with the class?
  • Optional Demonstration

5. Journal Rubric: Teacher Assessment from September 17-October 19
Journal Assessment

General Observations
  • Special opportunity to heighten awareness about the projects, inspiring
  • Very cool to see the journey through every journal entry leading to Thursday's show and tell
  • Comparative Reflections were varied(Self/Peer, Self/Instructor)
  • Tons of data to draw upon for the final stretch; Work Habit Rubric, 12 Reflective Questions, Warm-Up Rubric, Journal Rubric(Kyle Gatewood October 15-19:)
  • Apply data; Repertoire & The Art of Practicing