• Did you change your topic or focus during this process? If so, explain
I started off with expectations that this process would be a whole lot easier, so I had set high goals for myself. However, the main goal was to learn some new songs and techniques on how to take this knowledge with me after the semester is over so if I am ever put in a situation to learn a new song I can. So no, my focus/topic did not change... I stayed with the piano the entire time.

  • Describe the resources/information on your topic that was helpful to your understanding of the subject.
Besides actually learning the songs, finding the sheet music was the most difficult part of this process for me. I would look and look but the music was either too difficult or unavailable. I did find this website(http://freepianosongs.blogspot.com/p/download-page.html) that has a TON of free sheet music and it is just a matter of going through and finding legitimate ones because some were just what people had heard and figured out on their own but weren't very good... I also used Youtube a lot and it was actually quite helpful to be able to see someone playing what I was trying to play.

  • Were you able to stretch yourself to learn more on the topic or did you find that you relied only on what you already knew on the topic?
I definitely learned more. All I knew before was what notes were what. I learned how to properly play a scale and how to connect that with playing a piece of music. This alone make learning songs that much easier; however it was still very difficult for me at times.

  • Review your Benchmark Music Literacy results/plans located in your Initial Assessments Link. Describe how you addressed you deficiencies and/or how you overcame challenges in regards to your music reading goals this semester.
I don't know the exact names of certain aspects of music literacy but I do know how they are played and how they should sound at this point from seeing them in the pieces I have learned. So my music literacy has improved enough to be able to look at sheet music and know how it will sound(mostly).

  • Review your Attributes of Success outcome located in your Initial Assessments link. Comment on how you addressed the weaknesses you identified and/or how you overcame challenges in regards to achieving musical success this semester.
Ability to sequence ones learning and motivation were my two biggest weaknesses at the beginning of this course. After working with Heidi I realized that in order to achieve my goals I would have to overcome both of these things. I fell as though I could have improved my motivation problem more but that isn't only in this class... It's something that needs to be fixed in general with everything... But I tried my hardest and managed to learn a couple of songs :) So while I have my own way of learning things I still did what Heidi recommended I do. Some things involved, what felt like, unnecessary steps but once I did these steps they were quite helpful.

  • How would you approach the process differently if you had another opportunity to learn in this manner?
If I had another opportunity to learn in this manner I would jump right into finding sheet music, learning new songs, and improving the way I play. At the beginning of the semester I spent a lot of time with trying to figure out piano techniques through the interent, which was helpful, but not as helpful as actually playing these things. I learned a lot just from playing and reading the music.

  • In what way have you grown as a result of this project?
I can look at a piece of music and name the notes and potentially attempt to play it. If it were too difficult I also have the ability to make it a little bit easier since that is what I did with The Beatles song(only for one part) and with the Paramore song Heidi and I shortened it but in a way that still works. Before this class I would not have been able to do so. Another thing that I learned was that warming up is very helpful and DOES make what you are doing that much easier because your fingers are all warmed up and ready to go.

  • What was the greatest benefit/most rewarding aspect of your learning experience this semester?
Being able to play songs on the piano. That's all I really wanted and it makes me so happy to be able to sit down at a piano and actually know what to do.