What do you know? How do you Learn? What will it take to become a musician? Why Music?

Model: Kevin

Informational Surveys

Step 1-Fill out the Survey
Getting to Know You Getting to Know You.pages

Step 2-Answer in your wikispace portfolio
Benchmark Goals

Music Literacy Assessment

To begin the process of becoming a musician, we need to know how much knowledge you have about music. This quick ungraded assessment will allow us to guide the first part of your learning process.

Step 1-Take the Music Literacy Test

Step 2-Assess the Results: Use a highlighter to circle incorrect or incomplete answers

Step 3-Reflect and Plan
Music Literacy Self Assessment

Attributes of Success

The only thing that will prevent you from becoming a successful musician is YOU. What will it take to become successful? How have others done it before you?
Where are your strengths and weaknesses? What will you need to address in order to work effectively as a musician?

Step 1-Attributes of Success
Research and Dialog

Step 2-Additional Resource Tools
Guitar Zero
The Inner Game
Grit Test
Effortless Mastery

Step 3-Curricular Assessment Tools
Process General.pdf
General Assessment Lab Work Habits

Archived Success Outcomes