Final Assessment Components
1. Work Habits Work_Habits.jpg
2. Journal Journal.jpg
3. Research Research.jpg
4. Self Reflection Reflection.jpg Self Reflection
5. Presentation(should have a performance component to it, i.e., live or recorders) Presentation.jpg
6. Artifacts/Other Artifacts.jpg

Entire Project Assessment Sheet

Tuesday 8th
Adrian & Julian

Monday 14th
Self Reflections Posted in Wikispace
  • Kyle B
  • Sam
  • Tori
  • Ryley
  • Sean
  • Cam
  • Sophie

Tuesday 15th
Locker Clean Out
Instrument Return
Desktop Clean Up
  • Vivienne
  • Sophie
  • Kyle G
  • Samantha
  • Rachel

Bonus Day Reunion: Wednesday January 23rd-TBA
  • Portfolio Return with Final Assessment Data/Closure