The objective of this course is to engage in the in-depth study of a concept or topic that is of interest to you; to learn something from scratch, to build off of the knowledge you have acquired, to dive deeper into an aspect of music and provide relevance to your learning.

This self directed project based approach will be challenging and will stretch you to become a different type of learner in our classroom.

Our work is all about the PROCESS of how we learn.

If your PROCESS is correct you will achieve your goals.

Picking your Project

To have the freedom to guide your own learning into areas that are of interest to you is empowering and a privilege.
In order to ensure success, a few guidelines are being offered to assist you.

1. The project must be music related.
2. The project must involve a degree of research to push your knowledge of the subject
3. The project must be measurable and well documented.

Getting Started
Copy and Paste into the Brainstorming Section of your Wiki Space Portfolio

1. Brainstorm
What aspect of music are you interested in learning about this semester?
What do you want to know more about?
What skills do you wish to develop?
What topic will inspire you to engage in creative research?
What tools will be needed for your study?

2. Narrow down the topic
What are all the things that would need to be learned in order to master the topic?
If you are unsure of all the components, do you think you can find more information to help you find depth for your study?
Are there enough questions about the topic that need to be solved or do you already know enough about the subject?
Is there a history to your subject that can help your study?
Has it ever been done before?
Who has done this? What have they done with it?

3. Initial Research
Complete some initial research into your subject:
Is there information readily available?
Are their method books or articles that will help your work?
Hint: Music Files on Desktop(mstudent/musicstudent)

4. Review
Review your brainstorming with your instructor.
Use this a guide for the creation of your proposal.

Your topic must have substance!

Not Good...
"I want to make House beats!"

"I am planning on researching the sub genres of House music. I will provide a history of the overall style and share the names of the major artists that have influenced each sub genre. Through the use of Logic software, I plan on making a one minute song for a minimum of five sub genres of House music. Each excerpt I create will utilize the techniques used by the artist most noted for the genre. I will include the musical aspects that identify the genre, and include my musical example in a powerpoint presentation. This presentation will be converted into a video and placed on youtube for others to use as a reference.

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